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“I am greatly satisfied with the results delivered by Delay. Now, I can last up to 15 minutes and I am not afraid that I will cum when I least expect it. I can finally satisfy my wife and give her the pleasure she has never experienced before. Fantastic gains!” 


Edward, 34, USA

“I even don’t want to remember those long years of sex failures. I would like to thank Delay pills for their power and strength. This is my first month and I have already felt improvements. I am going to complete the full 6-month course.”


Adam, 61, UK

“Thanks so much for such a quick reaction. The order was processed immediately and with no annoying issues.”


David, 33

Delay is a wonderful thing. No, my boyfriend and I spend all nights long in bed rather than watching TV.”


Andrew, 27, Australia

Delay works wonders – my husband is full of power and strength and we have fantastic sex I could only dream about. I have an absolutely new husband and I can’t take my eyes and hands off him. I would stay in bed with him for days. ”


George, 35, USA

“I am so happy that I came across Delay and gave it a try. Now, I see the difference and understand why my ex-girlfriends were not satisfied. I started using the pills and noticed that my endurance became longer. I can last up to 15 minutes without cumming and my new girlfriend is really pleased. ”



“I could last only 2 to 3 minutes and didn’t control my ejaculation. I was seriously alarmed about that as I had a girlfriend and wanted to satisfy her in full. Since I started the Delay course, our sex life has dramatically changed. I got rid of premature ejaculation, and now I can last 15 to 20 minutes each time. My partner and I are very happy.”


Bill, 37, Canada

“I always wanted to participate in swinging and my wife supported that idea. But I couldn’t last long in the bedroom and was afraid to strike out when we would be together with another couple. My wife came across the Delay website and recommended me to try it. In two weeks, I said to my wife that she could find us a couple. Four months have passed since then. And I even received a compliment from another man – he liked my stamina.”


Bob, USA

“The cost of the supplement and delivery is too low for such fantastic sexual improvements. Thanks to Delay, now I know what real sex means.”


Leo, USA

“Fantastic pills, quick delivery, and results. I am happy that I have found Delay!”


John, 35, USA

“I can say for sure that Delay pills deserve a gold medal! There was a time when I decided to split up with my boyfriend as his performance in bed equaled to nothing. I loved him, but I couldn’t go with a permanent lack of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. My boyfriend has always liked a long and generous foreplay, but I prefer feeling my man inside. We discussed that problem and he decided to find some way out. I looked through men’s forums and came across Delay pills. My boyfriend agreed to give them a try and it was the happiest day of our life. We noticed changes in a couple of days, and in two weeks his performance was significantly better. Now, he can last up to 15 minutes or longer. And a great bonus is that he can repeat it again in no time. I am glad that Delay has helped save our relations.”


Jack, Canada




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